Health Ambassador International Medical Group.


Health Ambassador International Medical Group (HIG)is a holding company active in the field of Life Science with its headquarter located in Istanbul, Turkey.

The main active areas of the company include providing Medical Health Services, Treating all kinds of complications related to Hematology and Oncology using Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) technology. Our medical group of hematology and oncology specialists of have been selected from among the most experienced and successful specialists that have the necessary international certificates and licenses to treat patients with leukemia and other malignant and non-malignant complications related to blood.

Medical tourism and activity in the field of cancer-related medications are other fileds of this company's activity.

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Our bone marrow transplant clinic will operate as a for-profit entity, offering services to patients who have insurance coverage or can pay out of pocket. The clinic will be staffed by a team of qualified physicians and nurses who specialize in bone marrow transplants.

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HEALAMOR's goals and activities

It is no wonder that medical products and services and the pharmaceutical industry are both evolving to provide flawless health services for millions of people around the world. For this reason, this company has been established in order to coordinate, develop and implement study and research programs in the preparation, manufacture, production, installation of medical, dental, laboratory and rehabilitation equipment, supplies and equipment using medical engineering techniques and design and implementation and creation, Maintenance of the systems required by medical and health units of hospitals, ministries, institutions, organizations, government and non-government companies all over the world and centered in Turkey. Turkey is located in the heart of the continent, with a dynamic and skilled workforce, concentrated investments, a booming number of hospitals and medical institutions and healthcare services, it is currently the star of the international health and healthcare industry. The best research and development projects, good cost and logistics all contribute to the company's innovative strengths and strong knowledge to enable medical and pharmaceutical products and technologies for the general use of humanity. The subject of the company's goals and activities:

This company provides all support and procurement services to medical, health and rehabilitation centers, as well as supervisory, expert and management services to government and non-government organizations and institutions in the field of medicine, health and rehabilitation.

Preparation, production and distribution of means, equipment, medical and sanitary necessities, provision of medicine, health and medical services in other countries, supply of raw materials, means and equipment, health, medical, laboratory, home and other requirements in a way Cost-effectiveness is one of the activities of this company, and it invests in health institutions, treatment and other economic institutions, or buys and sells hospitals, health centers, factories, and related government and non-government institutions.

Providing health, treatment and research services in the field of clinical, laboratory, pathology, pharmaceutical services and in the field of Para clinical services is one of the other activities of this company.

Progress from diseases, education and promotion of health literacy all around the world in order to improve the health level of societies by using information technology, scientific research journal, providing software, sites and applications related to the field of health are some of the priorities of this company.

In the field of trade and medical services, this company provides and distributes general consumables for hospitals, technical services of specialized and general medical equipment, sale of medical and used medical equipment, surgical instruments, production, equipment and medical supplies, buying, selling and producing all medical, paramedical, laboratory equipment, providing all, such as design-implementation and consulting in marketing, production, design and support of health, medical and laboratory software.


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Eng. S.A.Tabatabaei

CEO and Board Member

Dr. Rahim Asghari

CEO and Board Member


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